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Why You Need Technical SEO Fixes



In the fast-paced digital landscape, maintaining a robust online presence is crucial for business success. One of the foundational elements of this presence is Technical SEO. At William Jones Marketing, we specialize in optimizing your website’s technical performance to ensure it meets search engine standards and provides an exceptional user experience. Here’s why your business needs our comprehensive Technical SEO services:

Secure Your Website with HTTPS

Ensuring your website uses HTTPS is not just about security; it’s about building trust with your visitors and improving your search engine rankings. HTTPS encrypts data between your users and your website, protecting sensitive information from cyber threats. Search engines favor secure websites, making this a critical step in improving your visibility online.

Optimize URL Structures and Fix Redirects

Creating a WWW redirect ensures consistency in how users and search engines access your site. Mixed content errors, bad redirects, and redirect chains can confuse search engines and frustrate users. Our team will check and fix these issues, ensuring a seamless and efficient navigation experience. Proper use of redirects helps maintain link equity and avoids common pitfalls that can hurt your site’s performance.

Enhance Site Crawling and Indexing

An XML sitemap and a well-configured robots.txt file are essential for guiding search engines through your website. We will create and submit these files to Google Search Console (GSC), enhancing your site’s crawlability. Consolidating duplicate URLs with canonical tags helps prevent content duplication issues that can dilute your SEO efforts.

Resolve Technical Errors and Optimize Content

Crawl errors, broken links, and index coverage issues can significantly hinder your website’s performance. We will identify and fix these problems, ensuring search engines can index your site effectively. Compressing and optimizing images, as well as fixing missing and duplicate meta titles and descriptions, will improve your site’s load speed and relevancy, enhancing user experience and search rankings.

Protect and Maintain Your SEO Health

Proper use of “noindex” and “nofollow” tags, along with disavowing harmful links, helps protect your site from unwanted content and bad backlinks that can damage your SEO. We will also check for manual penalties in Google Search Console and address any issues, ensuring your site adheres to search engine guidelines.

At William Jones Marketing, we understand that technical SEO fixes are the backbone of a successful online strategy. Our comprehensive approach ensures your website is secure, fast, and fully optimized for search engines. Let us help you build a strong technical foundation, so you can focus on growing your business.



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Technical SEO Fixes BASICS

Ensure Website Security with HTTPS

  • What it is: HTTPS encrypts the data exchanged between a user’s browser and your website, ensuring secure communication.
  • Why it matters: Websites using HTTPS are preferred by search engines and are trusted more by users, leading to better rankings and increased visitor trust.

Implement WWW Redirect

  • What it is: A redirect that ensures all traffic to your website uses either the WWW or non-WWW version consistently.
  • Why it matters: Consistent URL structures prevent duplicate content issues and improve search engine indexing.

Fix Mixed Content Errors

  • What it is: Mixed content occurs when HTTPS pages load HTTP resources.
  • Why it matters: Mixed content can undermine website security and lead to warnings in browsers, negatively impacting user trust and SEO.

Resolve Crawl Errors

  • What it is: Issues that prevent search engines from accessing and indexing your website’s content.
  • Why it matters: Fixing crawl errors ensures search engines can properly index your site, improving visibility and rankings.

Correct Bad Redirects

  • What it is: Redirects that lead to broken pages or incorrect URLs.
  • Why it matters: Proper redirects maintain link equity and user experience, preventing SEO penalties.

Create and Submit an XML Sitemap

  • What it is: A file that lists all the pages on your website, helping search engines understand your site structure.
  • Why it matters: Submitting an XML sitemap to Google Search Console improves crawl efficiency and indexing of your pages.

Create and Submit a Robots.txt File

  • What it is: A file that instructs search engines on which pages to crawl or avoid.
  • Why it matters: Properly configured robots.txt files help manage crawl budget and prevent indexing of irrelevant or sensitive pages.

Consolidate Duplicate URLs with Canonical Tags

  • What it is: A way to indicate the preferred version of a page when multiple URLs have similar content.
  • Why it matters: Canonical tags prevent duplicate content issues, consolidating SEO value to a single URL.

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