Intermediate Backlink SEO Package

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Why You Need Intermediate Backlink SEO Package


Every potential business can benefit from William Jones Marketing’s Intermediate Backlink SEO Package due to its strategic and comprehensive approach to enhancing online visibility and authority. For businesses that have already established a foundational web presence, this package offers the perfect next step. By targeting sites that are over 60 days old with essential pages already in place, this service ensures that efforts are concentrated on enhancing existing structures, making it ideal for businesses looking to build on their current achievements.

The package begins with a meticulously planned two-part press release strategy. This not only boosts the authority of the homepage and primary service pages but also extends to secondary service pages, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a balanced uplift in search engine rankings. This dual-phase approach is designed to maximize the impact of the press releases, increasing the chances of being picked up by high-authority sites and thus improving overall site visibility and credibility.

To ensure the safety and longevity of your site’s improved rankings, the package includes the creation of 50 branded tier 1 authority websites. These sites act as a protective buffer, safeguarding your main site from potential penalties while channeling valuable link juice. This layer of protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your SEO efforts and ensuring sustainable growth.

Finally, the addition of 20 DR 30+ backlinks to 1-4 selected pages using the safest anchor text provides the final push needed to elevate your site’s ranking. This precise and powerful link-building strategy targets the most important pages, offering a significant boost that can propel your site to the top of search results. The Intermediate Backlink SEO Package is an essential tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence safely and effectively.



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Intermediate Backlink SEO Package Basics

Tailored for Established Sites:

  • Designed for websites over 60 days old with essential pages already in place, ensuring efforts build on a solid foundation.

Two-Part Press Release Strategy:

  • Initial and follow-up press releases boost authority for both primary and secondary service pages.

Protective Buffer:

  • 50 branded tier 1 authority websites create a safety net, protecting the main site from potential penalties while channeling link juice.

DR 30+ Backlinks:

  • 20 high-quality backlinks target 1-4 selected pages, providing a significant ranking boost.

Safe Anchor Text:

  • Uses the safest anchor text to enhance SEO efforts without risking penalties.

Comprehensive Coverage:

  • Enhances the overall site authority and visibility through a strategic, multi-faceted approach.

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