120 Websites - 20 pages websites + 1 month SEO + 20k content

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Why You Need 120 Websites – 20 pages websites + 1 month SEO + 20k content


In the competitive digital landscape, businesses need a robust online presence to capture leads and drive growth. William Jones Marketing offers an unparalleled service package that includes 120 websites, each containing 20 pages of high-quality content and backed by one month of top-tier SEO. This comprehensive solution is perfect for lead generation or agencies looking to maximize their digital footprint.

The 120 websites provide businesses with a vast network of online platforms to reach diverse target audiences. Each website is meticulously designed with 20 pages of optimized content, ensuring that every aspect of the business is showcased effectively. High-quality content is crucial for engaging visitors, building trust, and encouraging conversions. With 20k content per website, your brand’s message will be communicated clearly and compellingly, making it easier to attract and retain potential customers.

In addition to the extensive content, each website benefits from one month of Tier 1 SEO. This high-level search engine optimization ensures that your websites rank well on search engines, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility. SEO is an essential component of any digital strategy, as it enhances the likelihood of your websites appearing in search results when potential customers look for services or products you offer. By improving search engine rankings, the SEO efforts boost your online presence and lead generation capabilities significantly.

This service is particularly beneficial for agencies that manage multiple clients or campaigns. By providing 120 websites with substantial content and SEO support, agencies can offer their clients a comprehensive digital marketing solution that drives results. This scalable approach ensures that each client’s needs are met, while also allowing the agency to manage resources efficiently and effectively.



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120 Websites - 20 Pages Websites + 1 month SEO + 20k Content

Extensive Network of Websites:

  • With 120 individual websites, businesses can establish a wide-reaching online presence, targeting various demographics and geographical locations effectively.

Comprehensive Content:

  • Each website features 20 pages of high-quality, engaging content totaling 20k words, ensuring thorough coverage of the business’s offerings and key messages.

One Month of Tier 1 SEO:

  • Premium search engine optimization for each website, aimed at improving search engine rankings, driving organic traffic, and increasing visibility.

Lead Generation:

  • The combination of multiple websites, quality content, and SEO optimization creates a powerful lead generation tool, attracting and converting potential customers efficiently.


  • Ideal for digital marketing agencies, this service provides a scalable solution that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of multiple clients, enhancing service offerings and client satisfaction.

Enhanced Online Presence:

  • The integrated approach of content and SEO ensures that each website not only looks professional but also performs well in search engine results, strengthening the overall online presence of the business.

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